Metal Roofing


Benefits of metal roofing for Massachusetts homeowners:

Metal roofs offer variety of styles and colors and will satisfy even the most demanding homeowners in Massachusetts. When installing a new metal roof, you can choose between traditional standing seam metal roofing (vertical panels common in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont), Beautiful Metal Shingles, made to look like a natural slate, concrete tile and cedar shingles, while costing the same amount or considerably less. You can also get your metal roof to look as a Spanish Tile roof – barrel tile and flat tiles.

With metal roof you also get a wide variety of different metal choices: from a very durable galvanized steel, rust-free aluminum, to patina-colored copper roofing and aged zinc / bronze metal roofs.

Professional Metal Roofing installation:

While most metal roofing systems are well designed, it is very important to also have it professionally installed by trained roof mechanics with experience in metal roofing installation, flashing and repair. Your regular roofer who specializes in asphalt shingle roofs will not be able to properly install a metal roof as there are too many tricks specific to metal roofing trade, and common leak spots such as flashing around chimneys, skylights and valleys will leak as a result of a metal roof installation performed by untrained and inexperienced roofers.

The results of metal roof installation by untrained roofers will be your leaking roof and you trying to find this roofer and waiting for them to come back and fix the problem, which is also often the case with shingle and rubber roofs.

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8 thoughts on “Metal Roofing”

  1. Hi,

    We are looking to install a standing seam metal roof over a 30×35 section of roof with a 12/12 pitch and three skylights. The section of roof is over the “salt box” portion of our house. The bottom of the roof is just 7 feet from the ground on the rear and is easily accessible.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. 20 x 30 11/2 story post and beam barn with cupola and 2 skylights. Need standing seam green metal roof to go over exist solid 20 year Bird Architect 90 asphalt roof which DOES NOT leak.

  3. I am looking for a quote on an aluminum metal roof of approx 1250 sq ft.
    The roof currently has asphalt shingles that are approx 15 yrs old.

  4. I live in the Falmouth Maine area. I recently purhcased a home with a low sloped roof and it is leaking. I was hoping to get some advice on how to repair the leak myself. Here is the situation: The roof is a low sloped dormer with a shed roof. It only leaks in winter when snow is present and the days are warm and nights are cold. I assume the ice is backing up under the the three tab shingles. I was hoping I could tear the three tabs off and Grace Ice and Water Shield the entire roof deck and use architectural shingles instead of rolled roofing. I really don’t like the looks of rolled roofing and the roof is seen often, as it downhill of the road. Please give me your comments on the pros and cons of what I would like to do. ThanksMark

  5. If you have been in roofing repair you know that there’s a lots of recourses which might be complete junk, luckily your blog is simply not one of these websites, i like your articles very much, continue the great work

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