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Top 5 reasons to hire Roofing-MA to repair or replace your roof:

  • We are a family owned business, based in Massachusetts and take great pride in the quality of our work!
  • We specialize in Flat Roofs and Metal Roofing and do it well!
  • Roof repair service only $350, for any rubber roof, including materials.
  • No extra charge for emergency roof repairs.
  • 10 years warranty on all work and Lifetime Material Warranty on all roofing products.

When your roof leaks – be it a flat or a sloped roof – you are faced with two choices: repair or replace. When you decide to replace your leaking roof, do you want to install another cheap but low quality roof that will last you maybe 10 years with, accompanied by more roof leaks and roof repairs?

MA Roofing Contractor – Flat and Metal Roofing in Massachusetts

We believe that for Massachusetts homeowners, the best roofing solution is to install a Lifetime roof such as a metal roofing system or a PVC flat roofing membrane. Both PVC flat roof membranes and metal roofing systems are true lifetime roofs that also provide additional benefit of being Cool Roofs and will greatly reduce your cooling costs in the summer, as well as qualify for $1500 Cool Roof Tax Credit in some cases*.

A properly installed Metal or PVC roof will last 0ver 50 years in case of most metal roofing systems and over 30 years for most PVC roofs.

Metal Roofing:

Standing seam metal roofingMetal roofs are very common in norther New England (NH, ME and VT) due to their excellent long lasting durability and will prevent / eliminate Ice-Dams and related roof leaks as a result of their ice and water shedding design. In Massachusetts, metal roofs are becoming more and more popular, as we too have the same Ice Dams problems and need a beautiful and permanent solution for roof leaks.

Metal roofing is durable, light weight, long-lasting roofing material which offers the best price ratio of all other roofing materials, when you consider cost per year of leaks-free roof service. Average metal roof lasts over 50 years, and during this time you are not dealing with roof leaks, roof repairs and do not also throw money away on additional repairs of rotten roof deck, replacement of wet insulation, and interior repairs such as wet sheet-rock, carpets and wall repairs.

Types of Metal Roofing Systems we install:

Our installers are trained in installation of almost every metal roof there is, and even if we hav not installed a particular metal roof yet, our experience will allow us to easily understand and install a metal roofing system that is new to us.

We specialize in installation of the following metal roofing systems in Massachusetts:

  • Standing Seam vertical metal panels
  • Corrugated metal roofs / R-panel / V5 crimp panels
  • Steel metal shingles
  • Aluminum metal shingles
  • Copper roofing / Copper interlocking shingles / Vertical copper panels / Copper barrel tiles
  • Zinc standing seam roofing

Learn more about our metal roofing installation services in MA, and discover different metal roof materials as well as pros and cons of each type of metal roof.

Flat Roofing:

When it comes to low-slope and flat roofing you want a true professional to service or install your flat roof. Unlike sloped roofing, where water flows down, and it is fairly easy to identify where your roof may or will leak, on flat roof water can flow in any direction or not flow at all.

Most flat roofs leak due to ponding water, curb flashing and seam failures. It is very rare that a field sheet of any flat roofing material will leak by itself. You will usually find that a flat roof leaks near the chimney, skylight, roof to wall connection or were water stands for more than 48-72 hours after rain.

Because most flat roofing systems (rubber roof, rolled asphalt, modified bitumen and tar+gravel roofs) fail at the seams and penetrations, we chose to install a flat roofing material that eliminates the seam failures all together -PVC roofing membrane with hot-air welded seams and flashings. Once you weld two pieces of PVC roofing material, your seam will be stronger than the material itself.

PVC roofing membrane is warranted against ponding water roof leaks and comes with a complete set of roof flashing and accessories: Inside / Outside corners, pipe flashings ranging from 1/4 inch pipe diameter, to a whooping 18 inches pipe flashing for extra large pipes such as fire-place and wood stove exhaust. All accessories are welded to the roof itself, to ensure permanent watertight penetration flashing.

Discover the benefits of PVC flat roofing, and see the flat roof installation / hot-air welding in action. Learn more about the flat roof installation in Mass. and benefits of PVC Cool Roofs.

Roof Repair:

While not all roof repairs are economical, you can often extend the life of your roof at a fraction of the roof replacement cost. We provide roof repair services in Metro Boston and eastern Massachusetts to home-owners and small businesses. We specialize in Metal Roof repairs such as standing seam metal roofs, interlock aluminum shingle roof repairs, copper roof re-soldering, etc.

When it comes to flat roof repairs, we provide flat roof repair service for all single ply flat roofing systems: PVC Roofing, TPO roof and EPDM Rubber roofs. Depending on your flat roof material we will use either PVC, TPO or Rubber flashing membrane and for EPDM roof repair we will use peel+stick roof flashing material together with EPDM primer.

For thermoplastic flat roofs (PVC and TPO roofing) we will use reinforced and non-reinforced roofing membrane depending on the specifics of your roof leak.

All PVC and TPO roof repairs will be performed using hot-air welding equipment by Leister, unless your roof is cured to the point of being un-weldable. In that case we will use peel-and-stick repair membrane.


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  1. need a quote for a standard triple decker, 29’x50′, with one door for stairs to roof. We will remove existing layers of tar & gravel + bituminous roll roofing. deck is ancient tongue and grove and needs to be recovered with at least 3/8″ plywood to ensure smooth pitch to central drain.
    Please note that the roof will have foot traffic on it, either directly or on a deck, whatever your recommendation.


  2. Hi, Planning to redo flat roof on a typical Cambridge 3 family. Current roof is tar and gravel. Want to install rubber roof. 3 roof penetrations (chimney, 2 waste pipes). Feel free to call me for additonal info. Need estimate by October 13th as this is a home we are purchasing. Thanks.

  3. Hi, I’d like to set up a time to get an estimate for replacing our roof. It’s a flat roof, 908 sq ft (thats the square footage of the units in the building, I imagine it’s the same), and the general consensus is that rubber is the material we want. The building is 3 stories in Jamaica Plain.

    If you can give me a call or write me an email to let me know any additional information you need, I’d appreciate it.



  4. Hi,

    I have a small addition with a flat roof that is leaking. I beleive it’s rolled asphault and I wanted to get a quote for having it replaced.


  5. We’re interested in a metal roof, possibly standing seem or copper panels. Our house is a ranch – about 2000 sq feet, not a high pitched roof.

  6. Have a metal standing seam roof and we are installing a fireplace. Roof needs a cricket at top to shed water to sides.

  7. I am a lead carpenter for Davidson painting and Remodeling out of Littleton, Ma. I am doing an exterior restoration of a home in Groton, Ma. The house has 2 two story bump-out windows approximately 10′ long against the house with 45 degree walls, and roughly 6 feet at the front. There is also an entry way roof that is roughly 4’x6′. All three roofs are flat metal sheets 16″ x 16″ joined together to form the roof. In addition, the window bump-outs have a roof projection 1′ wide that runs around the perimeter of the bump-out between the first and second floor windows. It is covered with the same material as the other roofs. I believe the material is a galvinized metal. The pitch on the roofs is no more than 3 in 12. There are no penetrations on the bump-outs. The entry way has a trough formed in the roof metal as a kind of built in gutter, which drains through a hole at the back right corner against the house. I am looking for any information you may have about this style roof, any recommendation you may have for this type of roof, as well as an estimate on replacing these three roofs. I can provide more detailed measurements, but if you can give me a rough estimate with the info provided, it would be appreciated. Please call or e-mail with any questions. Thank you.

  8. My small cottage-home needs a new roof this Spring. I will also be getting a roof-monitor/dormer cut & built into the roof, prior to re-roofing. I would like a quote for an aluminum standing seam roof – the home is ~ 30′ x 30′. I have the plans for the dormer to send or show (about a 10′ x 15′ dormer), to assist with the estimate.

  9. 30 X 20 foot post and beam barn 1 1/2 story.12 x 12 pitch 16 foot run with 2 skylights and a cupola that needs the sides clad in the same sheet stock color bronze.

  10. ive applied both and love the muhilede style self adhesive roofing product.its just easier and way less can also find a self adhering base for it.i like to put my drip edge over my base,then cover.if you mess up,good luck removing it.we accidently used the wrong color once and had to tear it back took 3 of us to rip the stuff off,and if we would have had a fourth,that would have helped.its kinda a new product,so im not sure which would outlast the other.

  11. Felt roofs (AKA: Built-up roof) are made from asaplht and asaplht-saturated felt roofing material typically designated by weight per 100 square feet. So, 15-pound felt is 15 pounds per 100 square foot. Such roofs are laid up in multiple plies sometimes with a heavier top ply, which sometimes comes with a mineral surface (similar to shingles). These roofs are mopped down in hot asaplht. There are coatings that may also be applied over the roof to extend life and increase its insulating value and so forth. Rubber roofs (AKA: EPDM) are single-ply roofs made with a thin rubber membrane laid over either a smooth insulation or recovery board’. The material is either glued down or mechanically fastened. Their insulation value is only in the substrate, not the material itself. And, although there are coatings that are compatible with EPDM roofs for reflectivity and life-extension, they are only moderately effective. Both of them can come with very long warranties, with industry-standard varying between 10 and 20 years, and limitations from visible leaks only’ to NDL (no dollar limit) warranties. EPDM roofs are cheap, go down fast, and work quite well if done properly with all the correct details. HOWEVER!! They are prone to mechanical damage (step on a nail while walking across an EPDM roof, all of a sudden there is a hole in it). They also come in various grades from 0.045 un-reinforced to 0.060 reinforced fleece-back. The former is c**p, the latter relatively expensive but very resilient and stable. Bottom line: If this roof has a lot of traffic on it, or is subject to mechanical damage, an EPDM roof will be a nightmare. But if you have a normal roof and can control traffic on it, EPDM is very cost-effective.There is another material (TPO) that is an ethylene propylene rubber membrane similar in application to EPDM, but white in color. It is fractionally more expensive than EPDM, but is heat-reflective. There is also a system (trade-mark DURO-Last being one brand) of reinforced PVC roofing that is engineered in a factory and delivered in only a few pieces even for very large roofs. This would be the ideal single-ply roofing system if funds allow. The compromise between built-up and single-ply roofing systems is something called a modified bitumen system. It is much higher in cost than single-ply (but less than a properly installed built-up roof, barely), but is tough as nails and can be warranted for as long as 30 years. Where money is no object, this is the ideal flat-roof system for moderate and high-traffic roofs. Then there is ballasting an entirely different discussion.

  12. I would think shingles would be best would last the loengst. Im thinking metal could rust in spots? But might be fine since your in a warm climate Is there a big price difference? If you go with shingles the architectural ones look nicer then the plain ones if it even matters to you. Also make sure you get 3 quotes on the roof so you dont overpay References :

  13. Storm damage reagrdless of the age of the roof is storm damage(period). The insurance company writes the policy and there is no specifications on how old or new the roof must be to be considered a loss. If the roof is not leaking and is doing its job in shedding water(which is what it is designed to do) why not´╗┐ let the insurance company make the call? The roof was damaged until the storm damaged it.

  14. Approximate Roof Size: 1500 sq. ft
    Approximate Slope: 33 degrees
    Roofing Material: Metal
    Roof Penetrations: 8

  15. 14,400 square foot building with a 20 year old (installed 10/1993) flat Sarnafil roofing membrane. Many roof top air/heating units, 3 large skylights and various roof drains. 10,000 square feet with wooden deck and 4,000+ feet with metal deck. Obtaining quotes on roof replacement. Most likely will require a site visit to quote project.

  16. Need snow cleared off roof. Single house/Allston.
    I know this is a very hectic and busy time for you.
    Would you be able to give me a quote?

    Thank you,


    Hello how are you doing today ? This is Alvin Rodwell I would like to confirm if you do Roof replacement and Accept all major credit cards if yes kindly get back to me asap Thanks and have a Nice day.


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